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  • 30 minutes !
  • Response Time !
  • 30 minutes !
  • Response Time !

Fitting Modern Access Control Systems in London

London Access Control SystemsA properly installed access control system will let you regulate who comes onto your London premises. The Unbreakable Locks has all the solutions!

So What’s First?

Here’s how it goes…

  • You’ll be offered a visit from a professional to see what option suits you best
  • You’ll be given expert advice on how to improve or even upgrade
  • You’ll get a quote for the chosen system
  • Your service includes all the tools and equipment required, which will be loaded onto your team's van
  • Your uniformed and ID carrying engineer will arrive promptly
  • Your access control system will be efficiently installed

Can You Describe The Different Types of Access Control?

Certainly! Our systems include…

  • Modern intercom door entry systems which avoid the use of a key
  • Wired or wireless intercom and video intercom
  • Fob-reader systems, keypads, swipe card systems
  • Fingerprint controlled locks, Biometric readers
  • Master key systems and entry phone installations

Why Is Your Access Control Service in London So Special?

Because we care! Here's what you get...

  • You’re our number one priority: your safety and security are our main concern
  • We understand the need for speed: if you’ve got an emergency situation we’ll be there in less than an hour
  • Our engineers are insured: and have the full approval of the National Security Inspectorate
  • We work with leading suppliers: so your system will be modern, innovative, and effective
  • You can get in touch 24/7: whenever you need us we’ll be here to help
  • Your service is guaranteed: for six months from the date of installation your system is covered
  • You pay at the end: we don’t need a deposit for our fair and clearly priced access control service
  • Our workmanship is excellent: quality control supervisors constantly monitor and assess
  • We follow the rules: all operating procedures and safety measures are top of the list
  • We provide flexible booking slots: every day of every month, all year round

So What Now?

Call our customer care line…

  • We’re open 24/7 to help you
  • We’ve got special deals for multi-service bookings
  • We’ll offer you same day and short notice appointments
  • We‘re available 7 days a week
  • We give free quotes