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  • 30 minutes !
  • Response Time !
  • 30 minutes !
  • Response Time !

Want to Know More About Us in London?

Do you have questions about us in ? We’ve got the answers…

Q: When can I call you?

A: Anytime – our customer care helplines are always open.

Q: Can I get a quote?

A: Yes – they’re all free and without any obligation.

Q: Do I have to leave a deposit?

A: No – we don’t need any payments upfront and you’ll only pay when your service is completed.

Q: How quickly can you come?

A: Within 30 minutes for emergency call outs, traffic permitting – and we’ll offer you same-day and short notice appointments too.

Q: Can I trust you?

A: Completely – The Unbreakable Locks ensures every team member is reference checked, highly trained, and fully qualified.

Q: Do I get a guarantee?

A: Yes – we’ll provide a six-month warranty for every service.

Q: How do I make a booking?

A: Give us a call – our friendly advisers will take all your details and reserve your slot.

Q: Can I book more than one service?

A: Yes – and if you do you’ll be entitled to great discounts!